Reuse and Recylcle

FA decision was made early on to save the existing brick façade and structure of the building. To accomplish this, the parapet had to be stabilized for the clean out, and then accurately replaced. Every existing brick was charted during removal, so that the integrity of the façade would be preserved when they were put back. A formal brick count was conducted to determine which reclaimed bricks could be re-integrated into the façade, thereby decreasing the amount of new material that would need to be acquired. As it turned out, only 40% of the recovered bricks were usable.

Beyond the bricks, every effort was made to recycle and reuse materials wherever possible — including metal from the 50+ damaged laundry machines uncovered during the clean out; every scrap of cardboard, wood and plastic that was found; even drink containers used by the construction workers. Having to deal with such an extensive clean up project really helped drive home the point that every aspect of the entire project needed to be as environmentally responsible as it could.
A Healthy House

Green buildings are designed to be gentler on the environment and healthy and safe for occupants.
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Green ConstructionsGreen design and construction practices encompass many of the most positive human attributes,
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Green MaterialsIn choosing green products and materials, there are many factors that must be considered,
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