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Working together we have been figuring out the lighting pattern for 93 Nevins and 453 Pacific. We decided not to use can lights for the double height part of the living room because a) they would have to be very bright to match illumination of lower ceilinged areas and b) where do you buy not to mention where in your home do you store a ladder adequate for changing light bulbs in fixtures twenty feet overhead, as at the entry way? We plan to use drop chandeliers for that part of the living room.

Big discussion re fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lights can use less than one third the energy incandescent lights do and they last for years and years (that’s one way to solve the problem of changing bulbs in double height living room!) Good quality 24-watt fluorescent bulbs use as much energy as 150-watt incandescent bulbs. But….let’s face it, as Rolf says, nobody wants to LOOK green just because they want to BE "green."

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The NeighborhoodBoerum Hill is a vibrant, diverse neighborhood in the heart of brownstone Brooklyn.
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The Approach From the outset, the 93 Nevins team established a set of guiding principles.
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A spectacular party at Room & Board marks the project's halfway point.
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